why I’m grateful to Soros?

The current Hungarian government — more specifically Viktor Orbán, prime minister since 2010 — has launched a disgusting and misleading campaign against George Soros in 2017. The allegations made by the partisan media and government drumbeaters are ridiculous and unfounded. (One vicitim of this campain is the Central European University, the most successful university of the country, originally founded and funded by Soros, which was forced to relocate from Budapest to Vienna.) Soros is surely not an impeccable person (who is?), but he has made very significant contributions to the development of this country by sponsoring numerous initiatives in healthcare, education, as well as cultural enterprises, promoting the values of a free society. I personally have received a grant (for writing up my PhD dissertation) from his foundation in 1999, as have Orbán, his party, Fidesz, and many of his present henchmen in the late 1980s and the 1990s. My humble protest against the cynical behaviour of this government is to make this acknowledgement in all my nonjoint publications until the nightmare finishes.

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