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I’m Péter Szigetvári, associate professor, head of the Department of English Linguistics at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. I teach linguistics, more specifically phonology. I also coteach a typography course.

Currently my main interests include the sound system of English, Hungarian vowel harmony, and phonotactics. Some unusual claims about English I’m arguing for in my work are: that (i) English has no diphthongs (so fly or now end in consonants, [j] and [w]), (ii) fortis obstruents do not occur next to each other within a morpheme (so stops is in fact [sdopz]), and that (iii) any vowel in English is either stressed or unstressed, there is no reason to assume secondary, tertiary, etc stress. Together with Geoff Lindsey, I maintain an English pronouncing dictionary, CUBE.

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I’m grateful to George Soros.

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