The Even Yearbook

ELTE SEAS Working Papers in Linguistics
editors Mark Newson & Péter Szigetvári
ISSN 1218–8808 (paper edition), 2061–490X (electronic edition)

The series was begun in 1994, when the English Linguistics Department was established as one of the departments of the School of English and American Studies of Eötvös Loránd University. The yearbooks contain papers that were written by present or former members of staff, and from 1998 by students of the doctoral school. The volumes come out every even numbered year and complement The Odd Yearbook series, which is published in odd numbered years.

All papers published in The Even Yearbook are reviewed anonymously.

For financial reasons, the series continues only as an online publication from 2006.

12 (2016) 11 (2014) 10 (2012) 9 (2010) 8 (2008) 7 (2006) 6 (2004) 5 (2002) 4 (2000) 3 (1998) 2 (1996) 1994