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course on TeX at the TLP

plain TeX macros

Even source
The Even Yearbook 4 (2000) source files
for automatic numbering of displays in papers, and adjusting the Hungarian definite article ("a/az") and suffixes ("ban/ben, hoz/hez/höz") to these numbers; more info in the file
for drawing slanting lines; instructions are also available; for ragged lines you also need, a slightly modified LaTeX font (if you do not have metafont get it, alternatively take lineww10.tfm and lineww10.60pk or lineww10.120pk, depending on your printer resolution, 300dpi or 600dpi, respectively
calculates the depth of the section title from the number of digits in the section number and sets title font and spaces accordingly; (you have to specify your own wishes: \bfskipii..\bfskipvii for skip before, \afskipii..\afskipvii for skip after, \cimii..\cimvii for fonts)
for itemizing handouts or whatever else. Subtitles are available in four depths: \db, \ddb, \dddb and \ddddb. These should end with '\\'; \DB, \DDB, ... do not produce an item number, only the indentation
this is a link to my texinput directory; containing other macro files under development and mostly undocumented

plain TeX control sequences (all of them)

Michael Doob's Gentle Introduction to TeX

a cheque from Knuth

cheque from Knuth

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