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  1. Őri Péter, Aspiration vs. voicing (MA English, Szigetvári Péter, DELG, 2016, reviewed)
  2. Agócs Tamás, Sound patterns of suffixes of French origin in English (MA English, Nádasdy Ádám, DELG, 2011, reviewed)
  3. Antal Zsófia, A semantic and pragmatic approach to the latest tendencies developed in the use of the Hungarian verbal prefix be- (MA English, Lázár A. Péter, DELG, 2011, reviewed)
  4. Árki Milán, Proper Name Re-classification: When do proper names become common names? (MA English, Marosán Lajos, DELG, 2014, reviewed)
  5. Benkő Ágnes, The role of markedness in phonological theory (MA English, Törkenczy Miklós, DELG, 2013, reviewed, OUTSTANDING THESIS)
  6. Gőcze Borbála, The historical phonology of English place names (MA English, Nádasdy Ádám, DELG, 2020, reviewed)
  7. Garai Luca, Nasal flapping in American English (MA English, Markó Alexandra, DELG, 2020, reviewed)
  8. Jambrik Levente Áron, Syllable structure in West Germanic languages (MA English, Starcevic Attila, DELG, 2021, reviewed)
  9. Jankó Katalin, Proleptic constructions in English and Hungarian (MA English, Szécsényi Krisztina, DELG, 2023, submitted)
  10. Jánosy Márton, The treatment and analysis of vowel breaking in different phonological theories (MA English, Starcevic Attila, DELG, 2015, reviewed)
  11. Káldi Tamás, A comparative analysis of the information structure of hungarian and english sentences (MA English, Marosán Lajos, DELG, 2012, reviewed, OUTSTANDING THESIS)
  12. Khalil Mohamad Ali, On the morphosyntax of Lebanese Arabic: Form II, its manifestations and functions (MA English, den Dikken Marcel, DELG, 2023, submitted)
  13. Kucsera Márton, English restrictive relative clauses in Optimality Theory (MA English, Hordós Marianna, DELG, 2014, reviewed, OUTSTANDING THESIS)
  14. Nagy József, The myths of English pronunciation among Hungarian learners (MA Eng teacher, Szigetvári Péter, DELG, 2022, submitted)
  15. Petrova Valeriia, Syntax of prenominal possessives in English and Russian (MA English, Burukuna Irina, DELG, 2023, submitted)
  16. Pock Orsolya, The status of edge tones in the intonational phrase (MA English, Varga László, DELG, 2012, reviewed)
  17. Szőke Johanna Éva, Clause linkage typology in English and Korean (MA English, Marosán Lajos, DELG, 2012, reviewed)
  18. Szabó Lilla Petronella, How does bling-bling ring? A corpus-based study of rhyming and alliterating compounds (MA English, Benczes Réka, DELG, 2015, reviewed)
  19. Szalay Tünde Orsolya, L Darkening in morpheme-final environments: all ’ell breaking loose (MA English, G. Kiss Zoltán, DELG, 2015, reviewed, OUTSTANDING THESIS)
  20. Tatár Csilla, A semantic analysis of English cataphoric constructions (MA English, Mekis Péter, DELG, 2016, reviewed, OUTSTANDING THESIS)
  21. Tési Áron, Old Norse influence on Old English phonology (MA English, Nádasdy Ádám, DELG, 2010, reviewed)
  22. Turi Kamilla, Why do languages change?: The case of phrasal verbs (MA English, Starcevic Attila, DELG, 2019, reviewed)