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About the Canadian Studies Centre


The Canadian Studies Centre at ELTE began in 1979 with a special course; elective course offerings started in the 1980’s. In 1994, the School of English and American Studies at ELTE began offering a Canadian and Quebec Studies Programme,’ with courses in Canadian literature, history, and culture. Today, students can either receive a ‘Certificate of Canadian Studies’ (like a ‘Minor’ in North America) by completing 14 courses, or they can specialize in Canadian Studies and write an MA thesis on a Canada-related topic and that specialization is put into the diploma upon completion of studies. 


Brief History


September 1979 – Special seminar in Canadian Literature offered to English ‘Majors’.


1980's - Elective courses in Canadian Culture and Literature (20th century, 19th century, Canadian history/culture).


1994 - Canadian and Quebec Studies Program introduced (10 subjects). If more than 6 completed, students were entitled to a special Canadian Studies certificate (like a ‘Minor’ in North America) added to their MA degree.


As of 2004 students can also write an MA degree thesis and a final exam in Canadian Studies subjects upon choice of the candidate. 53 MA theses have been completed at ELTE since 1979 in mostly literary topics.




Faculty/Lecturers/Graduate Students


Faculty (current - 2004):


Jakabfi Anna


·        Courses taught: see link to Courses

·        Fields of interest/Publications: Close to 100 conference papers published. Book contributions: (ed.)Canada and the Millennium, Budapest 1999; (ed.)Continentalism and Nationhood in Canada, Budapest,2002; Canada Past and Present – essays, Budapest 2003.

·        Other: Full-time employments: Department for Modern Languages of the Technical University 1972-1991, Ministry of Culture and Education 1991-1999, Part-time permanent job 1979-1999 ELTE. Full-time appointment: Associate Professor and Director of Canadian Studies since 1999. Functions: member of Hungary's Modern Philological Society, Hungarian Society of Foreign Affairs, founding president (1994) of Hungarian-Canadian Friendship Society.

·        e-mail:


Kenyeres János



Roosevelt Robinson (Department of Applied Linguistics)


Current Doctoral students:

·        Tóth András (ELTE-University of Paris)

·        Krisztina Kádár (ELTE French Department)

·        Angela Papp (ELTE American Studies Department)

·        Judit Nagy (ELTE English Dept.)


Former Sessional Lecturers: Krisztina Kádár (Quebec civilization and literature, French Dept.,1995-2002), Yann Foucauld (2001-2002), Krisztina Kodó (1995-96); Nauszikaa Muresan (1996-97, 1998-99), Dr.Anna Sőrés (1994-96 French linguistics- Dept of Romanistics).


Guest professors/lecturers at the Canadian Studies Centre: Dr.Kniezsa Veronika (linguistics), Dr.Pődör Dora, (linguistics), John Drew, British Council (poetry), John Thomas University of Acadia, Wolfeville, New Brunswick (Canadian Literature), Francis Zichy, University of Saskatchewan (Canadian Literature).


Thanks to the following guests who have visited the Canadian Studies Centre over the years:


David Staines (University of Ottawa) 1994, 1998, 1999, Simon Mayne (University of Ottawa), Karen Mulhallen (DESCANT Magazine, Toronto) 2000, John Taylor (Carleton University,Ottawa), John Grube (University of Toronto), Daniel Richler (CBC), Judith Kalman (Montreal) 1997, Jeanne Delbare-Garant (Universite Libre Brussels, Belgium 1998), Dennis Cooley (University of Manitoba) 1999, Eva Kushner (University of Toronto) 1997, Waldemar Zacharasiewicz (University of Vienna) 1994, Gerhard Dusterhaus (University of Bonn)2002, Anne Gagnon (University of the Interior - BC).





Scholarships to Canada and Germany respectively:


Book/magazine donations: 12 donations from the Canadian government, and others from The Toronto Star, DESCANT magazine and individual guest professors at our universities as well as other Canadian Studies Centres. Total number of magazines and books approximately about 2000.



Courses (listed per terms)


Prof. Jakabfi Anna, Canadian Studies Centre Director and Asst.Prof. János Kenyeres, CEASC Council member:








International Council for Canadian Studies:


“Canada: A Reader’s Guide”:


“Canadian Studies: A Guide to the Sources”:


CANLINKS: “A Directory of Web Resources Relevant to Canadian Studies”:


Study in Canada:


An American’s Guide to Canada:


Canadian Embassy in Budapest:


Young people’s exchange programmes/internships/jobs/grants Canada - European Union:



Canadian Studies Programmes:


Carleton University, Ottawa:


McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, Montreal:


Trent University, Peterborough:


Central European Association of Canadian Studies (CEASC) in Brno, Czech Republic:



Canadian Government Sites:


Government of Canada:;


Foreign Affairs Canada:




National Library:


Canada’s Digital Collections:


Statistics Canada:


Canadian Heritage:


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC):


CBC – Archives:


Study in Canada:


(Edited by Michael Lister ICCS Intern)

Budapest, June, 2004.

                                                                                              Anna Jakabfi