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Topic 71: Canadian and Québec studies

    Literature (with obligatory readings in Canadian literature topics)

  1. Canadian poetry before confederation
  2. Poetry between 1867 and World War I
  3. Poetry in the 20th century
    Carl F. Klinck (ed): Canadian Anthology
  4. Drama in the 20th century
    Three plays by the following playwrights: Merrill Dennison, Gwen Pharis Ringwood, Robertson Davies, George Ryga, Sharon Pollock
  5. The main figures in Québec fiction
    Six novels to choose from the following books: L.Hémon: Marie Chapdelaine; G.Guevremont: The Outlander; Yves Thériault: Agaguk; Gabrielle Roy: The Tin Flute; The Cashier; Antonine Maillet: Pélagie; Roch Carrier: La guerre, yes, sir; Anne Hébert: Kamouraska; Hubert Aquin: April 11
  6. The main figures in immigrant fiction
    Six novels to choose from the following books: John Marlyn: Under the Ribs of Death; Henry Kreisel: The Betrayal, The Almost Meeting, The Rich Man; Mordecai Richler: The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Joshua Then and Now; Gabrielle Roy: Street of Riches; Adele Wiseman: The Sacrifice, The Crackpot; Morley Callaghan: Our Lady of the Snow; Joy Kogawa: Obasan; Rudy Wiebe: Peace Shall Destroy Many; Martha Ostenso: Wild Geese; F.Ph. Grove: Settlers of the Marsh, Fruits of the Earth
  7. Fiction in the 19th century
    Three novels to choose from the following: Frances Brooke: The History of Emily Montague; William Kirby:The Golden Dog; Susannah Mooodie:Roughing it in the Bush; John Richardson:Wacousta; S.J.Duncan:The Imperialist; S.Leacock:Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town
  8. Regionalism in fiction
    Six books to choose from the following: Robert Stead: Grain; Sinclair Ross: As For Me and My House; Jack Hodgins: Split Delaney's Island; Morley Callaghan: Such is My Beloved; More Joy in Heaven; Morley Callaghan's stories; An Autumn Penitent; Margaret Laurence: The Stone Angel; A Jest of God; The Fire-Dwellers; A Bird in the House; The Diviners; Hugh MacLennan: Barometer Rising; Two Solitudes; The Watch That Ends the Night; Return of the Sphinx; Each Man's Son; W.O. Mitchell: Who Has Seen the Wind
  9. Fiction of 20th century women writers
    Six books to choose from the following: Margaret Atwood: The Edible Woman; Surfacing; Lady Oracle; Life Before Men; Margaret Laurence's Manawaka novels ; L.M.Montgomery: Anne of Green Gables; Alice Munro: Lives of Girls and Women; Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You; Aritha Van Herk: Judith; The Tent Peg; No Fixed Address; Gabrielle Roy: Where Nests the Waterhen
  10. Literary Theory of Northrop Frye
    Northrop Frye: Anatomy of Criticism (excerpts); Divisions on a Ground: Essays on Canadian Culture (excerpts); The Bush Garden (excerpts); The Great Code: The Bible and Literature (excerpts)
  11. Main short story tellers in Canada
    Choose ten short stories from the following authors: Catherine Parr Trail, Sinclair Ross, Alice Munro, Norman Levine, Mordecai Richler, Morley Callaghan, Jack Hodgins, Henry Kreisel, Margaret Laurence, Gabrielle Roy, Miriam Waddington, Rudy Wiebe, W.P.Kinsella, Neil Bissoondaat
  12. History

  13. The French Régime (1534-1763)
  14. The British Régime (1763-end of 19th century)
  15. Immigration Policy from 1867 onwards
  16. Multiculturalism in Canada
  17. Canada and the World
  18. Culture

  19. Canada's Parliamentary System and political parties
  20. Education System in Canada
  21. The Mass Media and Theatre Life
  22. Leisure time activities and family life



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