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SEAS supervisors

SEAS obliges her students to have a supervisor when writing their theses. Most credit-system students (ANN, AKN, AMN) obligatorily take a course, the tutorial seminar, with their thesis supervisor. Their codes are: ANN-492, AKN-496 and AMN-390. The codes must be supplemented with the three-digit supervisor-specific numbers given below two-digit topic-specific numbers given on the topics page, e.g., a supplementary student supervised by Prof Ágnes Péter should use the code AKN-496.111 writing on 20th c. English literature should use the code AKN-496.15 for her tutorial seminar.

Tutorial seminars are not taught courses, they simply control the cooperation of the thesis-writer with the supervisor.

For details about potential supervisors' academic expertise check the SEAS Academic Database.

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