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Final Certificate

The Final Certificate is issued by the TO, accordingly authentic information on the exact conditions can be obtained from them. In what follows we give rough guidelines.

The Final Certificate is issued to students who have completed all the necessary English/American study units and the related general academic obligations, except for the Thesis (AN/AM--500 or ANN/AMN--SZD) and the Final Examination (AN/AM--501 or ANN/AMN--ZV). The Final Certificate and the Thesis are prerequisites for taking the Final Examination.

Students do not need to apply for the Final Certificate: it is automatically issued by the TO. (In theory; to play it safe you had better inform the TO that you think you have covered all the relevant courses and would like the Final Certificate to be entered in your credit book.) Be careful if you are taking some course(s) and the Final Examination in the same term: in this case the credit book has to be submitted to the TO three days before the date of the Final Examination at the latest, so that the Final Certificate can be issued. The prerequisites for the Final Certificate are the following:

  1. all the obligatory units of the Study Unit List (szakos tanegységlista) with the exception of the Thesis and the Final Examination
  2. at least a basic level proficiency exam in a modern foreign language other than English
  3. completion of the philosophy, rhetoric and computer skills courses (FRSZ; earlier referred to as social studies and philosophy, Társadalomtudományi és filozófiai kötelezettség (TTF)): these are three units (KTVSz §134).
  4. for non-credit-system students, 14 so called ``general education'' (közismereti tárgyak), not AN/AM-coded courses; for credit-system students 100 credits of not ANN/AMN/AKN-coded courses; non-credit-system students with two majors, i.e., those who have previously done or are simultaneously working for a university or college degree in any other subject besides English, at this university or any other institution, automatically satisfy this requirement.
  5. physical education for 2 hours/week for two terms, which the Dean may waive based on medical certificates (ETVSz Appendix 1, 5.1)
  6. altogether 8 terms (4 terms for supplementary students) of official enrolment in an English/American degree course at any of the institutions of higher education; this may also involve suspended terms in college or at other university courses in English

Those who do not fulfil any one of the above requirements cannot get the certificate, but they may enrol again -- within the 8/10-term study period -- to complete the missing units. After having obtained the AN/AM/ANN/AMN Final Certificate, students need not and cannot enrol as AN/AM/ANN/AMN majors any more.

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