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the Outstanding Thesis Award

Every summer SEAS selects a small number of theses submitted in that academic year (an autumn and a subsequent spring term), which are deemed worthy of special attention. The authors of these theses are distinguished by the Outstanding Thesis Award.

winners from 2010

winners of the Outstanding Thesis Award, 2009

DELPMárta MátraiLanguage Use of Children in Bilingual FamiliesÁgnes Enyedi
DELPBeatrix PriceThe Formative Years in EFL Teaching: Movement Accompanied Language-LearningMargit Szesztay
DESPéter KonczThe Motif of Quest in the Four Works of the Pearl-Manuscript: Quest and Discovery in PearlKatalin Halácsy
DESAttila MrázNarrative and Ethics: The Role and Place of Moral Perception in Reading Narrative Fiction in Martha C. Nussbaum's Love's KnowledgeJudit Friedrich
DEALVeronika MurárCoping with Foreign Language AnxietyKatalin Brózik-Piniel
DELGMárton SóskuthyWhy R? An Alternative Look at Intrusive-R in EnglishÁdám Nádasdy
DASVivien BoronyákAmerican Radical Theater in the Sixties: Its Sociopolitical Circumstances and Theatrical TraditionsEnikő Bollobás

winners of the Outstanding Thesis Award, 2008

DESÁgota Baráth“Do you mean me?” Self-Representation in Jean Rhys' WritingsSzalay Krisztina
DELGGyarmathy ZsófiaThe Palatal Contrasts Within the Framework of Phonetically-Based PhonologyBárkányi Zsuzsanna
DESZsuzsanna HorváthThe Hungarian and English Reception of the 21st-century Booker Price Winner NovelsFriedrich Judit
DELPPál SárikFactors of Motivation in Adult EducationChristopher Ryan
DEALEnikő StriderContrastive Analysis of Expert Feedback on Student Writing as Perceived by EFL Teachers and StudentsTankó Gyula

winners of the Outstanding Thesis Award, 2007

DEALOrsolya JánosháziSecond Language Acquisition and Group Dynamics: An Empirical InvestigationCsizér Kata
DELPBeatrix KalocsaiInstructions in the English Language ClassDávid Gergely
DELGVili Oskari MaunulaCase Marking, Agreement and Word OrderMark Newson
DASKatalin SzalayThe Importance of the Frontier in Shaping American Democracy Between 1803–1860Magyarics Tamás
DESMárta VajnágiGreat Britain and the Habsburg Monarchy in the Eighteenth Century: Imperial Election, 1745Kontler László

winners of the Outstanding Thesis Award, 2006

DASBalogh BeatrixIsland or Mainland — The Puerto Rico ParadoxFrank Tibor
DETEBuzás CsillaA Grave New World: The Comparative Analysis of Two Dystopian Novels by Huxley and OrwellFarkas Ákos
DELGDékány Éva KatalinThe English Cleft ConstructionBartos Huba
DESFrenyó AnnaThe Mechanisms of Memory in Kazuo Ishiguro's FictionFriedrich Judit
DEALJenei GabriellaThe Contribution of Reference and Co-reference to CohesionKároly Krisztina
CETTLapos ÁgnesMotivating Teenagers by Attractive ActivitiesSzesztay Margit
DESNagy Victoria MariaOne Leader and His Movement: Jeff Kennett and the Resurgence of the State of Victoria in AustraliaLojkó Miklós
CETTPalotásné Tornyai BrigittaRaising a Child BilinguallyUwe Pohl

winners of the Outstanding Thesis Award, 2005

DESFellner ÁgnesBlake and the Bible: The Concept of Good and Evil Mirrored in the Figures of Satan and the Devils as Seen by William Blake Compared to their Representations in the BibleKenyeres János
DESGárdos BálintByron and Tradition: Pope and Byron's Reinstatement in RomanticismPéter Ágnes
CETTGuth Gabriella ÉvaTowards Authority as a Beginner TeacherChristopher Ryan
DELGImrényi AndrásInterrogative and Negative Inversion in English and Hungarian from the Perspective of Optimality TheoryMark Newson
DETEKőrösmezei SaroltaPostmodern Elements in the Enderby-TetralogyFarkas Ákos
DETERisbjerg AnnaDealing with the Problems of False Friends in the ClassroomVarga György
DEALSarkadi ÁgnesDyslexia and Achieving Success in Studying English as a Foreign LanguageKormos Judit
DASSándor Péter(Beach)heading: From Dieppe to Normandy: U.S. and Canadian War Efforts in EuropeFrank Tibor
CETTSchiffrich RenátaMotivating Students through Game-like ActivitiesUwe Pohl

winners of the Outstanding Thesis Award, 2004

DEALBarabás OrsolyaCritical discourse analysis of British news programs: Language and ideologyReményi Andrea
DASGyetvai ÉvaThe aesthetics of self-reliance in Toni Morrison's novel, SulaBollobás Enikő
DESJuhász KatalinThe author as his own translator: Nabokov's Lolita in English and RussianGéher István
CETTKonya ErikaCatering for individual differences in learnersMagyarics Péter
DETEMolnár MáriaEndeavors of American and Hungarian legislature to fight racial discriminationMolnár Miklós
DELGNagy GizellaWH-questions in Optimality TheoryNewson, Mark
DESSzász JuditCritic and artist: A reappraisal of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian GraySarbu Aladár
CETTTaylorné Szakáll IbolyaClassroom managementPohl, Uwe

winners of the Outstanding Thesis Award, 2003

CETTAngyal VeraDrama Techniques in Communicative Language Teaching: The Use of Role-Plays in Developing Classroom DynamicsSillár Barbara
DASBrkanic AnitaCroatian Immigration to the USA: The Bond Between Two HomelandsMagyarics Tamás
DEALKárpáti Dorottya MáriaTeaching English as a Foreign Language to Deaf LearnersKontra Edit
DELGKertész ZsuzsaStratifying the LexiconTörkenczy Miklós
DESNémeth BorbálaLinton Kwesi Johnson: The ``Revalueshanary'' Poet. His Works and Accomplishments in the Field of Carribean-British PoetryFerencz Győző
DEALOrmos EszterTeaching English as a Foreign Language to Dyslexic ChildrenKormos Judit
CETTRostás EszterA Drama Project: Creating a Christmas Preformance in a Secondary English ClassroomWalkó Zsuzsa
DESSzakács JuditEducation of Minorities in Australia and in HungaryGall Cecília

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