seas library

The SEAS Library is a collection of approximately 70.000 documents and its basic aim is to provide access to information and information services in a timely, useful and effective manner, and to support the teaching, learning and research functions of the students and staff of the School. We collect books on English, American, Canadian, Australian studies, civilization, language, linguistics and language pedagogy. There are 140 workplaces available in the Reading Room.


Our online catalogue, called Horizon, is available on terminals within the Library (click on the 'Horizon ADS' icon) and terminals on the campus (telnet:// The online catalogue contains bibliographic and item data about books processed since February 1998, and mostly only bibliographic details about books purchased earlier. The card catalogue, which describes the books acquired by the library before February 1998, is still available. It is advisable to use both catalogues until the database is complete. Serials are not listed in the catalogue, but we have an inner registration of them. Please consult the staff if you have any queries on periodicals. There is also a separate catalogue of copies of articles or chapters of books put on reserve by the teachers. Please see the Reader Assistance Unit if you need any of these.

location of the books

The books are arranged according to the Library of Congress call numbers throughout the library. Library maps and the guide to the catalogue help you find the exact location of items according to numbers and prefixes. All fiction, university notes and thesis papers are located in closed stacks.

location of the serials

Journals, magazines, newspapers, and periodicals are displayed on separate shelves and on the newspaper stand. We handle academic serials separately. None of them are available for borrowing.


SEAS Library is available for the students and staff of the School who may borrow up to 7 books for 4 weeks, 4 cassettes for one week, and 3 reference materials (including the photocopies) for one night. Audio-cassettes can be borrowed for a week for 50 forints each. Most books are available for loan. The the books which are marked with a golden tape on the spine may not be borrowed. These include all valuable books, reference books, thesis papers and journals.

Students are issued a student card after enrolment in their first year of study. Re-enrolling students will not receive a new card, but the card must be revalidated every September. You are not allowed to borrow anything without your library card and you can borrow only for yourself. The Library started to use its online circulation system in the 1998/1999 academic year. The checking out and returning of English books takes place on the Upper Floor.


Books may be renewed twice for the usual borrowing period. A book can only be renewed if no one else has reserved it. Overdue books may not be renewed. It is possible to request a renewal twice by phone as well.

returning books

Books must be returned on or before the due date. Warning notices are not sent. Failure to return or renew borrowed items on or before the due date may result in loss of borrowing rights until the item is returned. The overdue fines are as follows: HUF 10/day both for books and cassettes. The fines will be charged for weekends and holidays as well.

closed reserve material

Closed Reserve is a collection of library material that is heavily used, particularly in a certain period of time or whole semester and consists mainly of books that have been set as recommended reading by lecturers, or copies of journal articles and lecturers' copies of books or folders. The books are marked with a golden band on their spines, and the photocopies have "Overnight" written on them. These items are kept in-house during the regular opening hours, but they are available for overnight loan, and may be checked out an hour before closing, except for those copies which were put on strict reserve by the lecturers (non-circulating items).

Closed reserve items must be returned to the Library on time. Overdue rates are as follows:

In addition, failure to return Closed Reserve material on or before the time agreed with the reference librarian results in loss of borrowing rights for a month.

lost items

If a book gets lost, the borrower is supposed to replace it with a similar copy (a new volume or a bound photocopy). In case it cannot be photocopied and bound, or if it is out of print, the market value of the book or cassette plus 10 % processing fee for replacement will be charged.

library services


At the back of the reading room there are three self-access video players where you can watch films from the library collection for a set price of HUF 80/film. For the use of the video room in the basement you have to pay HUF 100/film. Due to heavy demand, facilities must be booked in advance.


A coin-operated copy machine is available for students of English on the Upper Floor to copy from the Library`s collection only. It is strictly prohibited to make copies from thesis papers!

inter-library loan

There is a special service for staff and also for students preparing their essays, thesis papers, etc. You can ask for books that are not available in the SEAS Library from any Hungarian or foreign library. Please note that it is free of charge to order items from Hungarian libraries, but if the book is available abroad only, you have to pay HUF 1200/book.


The SEAS Library is building a collection of CD databases and multimedia CDs. The CD-ROMs we have in the library are either bibliographic databases such as the Library of Congress CDMARC Bibliography, MLA Bibliography, NPA (National Periodical Database of Foreign Journals), or multimedia encyclopedias, thesauruses, and dictionaries which give you easy access to large amount of data. You can use them on our CD-ROM network both in the library and the computer rooms. The public terminals in the library are not for wordprocessing or using the Internet. Please visit one of the computer rooms in the main building of the campus for these facilities. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact library staff. For general enquiries call: (1)4604400x4335, x4334, or write to us via email:

library hours

(During session and mid-session break)
Mon, Tue, Thu9:00--18:00