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Author:  vetheran [ Mon Dec 01, 2008 8:17 pm ]
Post subject:  ezmókus

I just finished the reading, that was assigned:


It was pretty straightforward, so no questions arose for myself, but I will try to summarise the main points just to be sure.

1. Word derivational problems: lack of historical evidence
2. The metaphor problems: Family tree is used to represent relations between languages, but has few flaws, like not considering the mixing from other languages (later roots are introduced to iron this one out). A paralell system of metaphores is suggested to complement each other, like -tree representing relatives and -roots representing ancestry in languages.
3. Te origin of words: can originate from multiple languages, which can not just give new words, but new grammatical rules as well. The possibility rate of independent development is unclear, but very slim.

Ps.: I liked this one :)
magyarul azt, hogy ’mindegy, egyre megy’, úgy is mondhatjuk, hogy egykutya, éppen, mint kirgizül, ahol ez úgy hangzik, hogy bir it, ami azt jelenti, hogy ’mindegy’, szó szerint pedig: bir ’egy’, it ’kutya’.

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