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Author:  Szajd [ Tue Jun 17, 2008 8:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Intro Phono “FAQ”

Dear all,

I've uploaded a sort of “FAQ” (not really “frequently asked questions”, but it sounded cool) I compiled from Q&A from the spring 2008 Intro Phono ETR course forum. Most questions are answered by Dr. Szigetvári, and I believe that it's better if this sort of information is available for everybody, as opposed to the limited audience of that particular course forum. (~6 billion people vs. ~350 people. :)) Not to mention that this document is threaded, doesn't include usual course forum junk, and the occasional IPA symbols are correctly displayed in it.

I've uploaded the file to my SkyDrive file storage space, where I'll post any updates (although I don't think the course forum will be filled with any new questions, now that the last exam is over). I also attached the PDF to this post as well.

http://cid-071d5f7291f06963.skydrive.li ... o|_FAQ.pdf

If this helps one person, I'll be more than satisfied. :)

File comment: This document includes phonology-related questions and answers in a threaded way, in chronological order, compiled from the ETR course forum for the spring 2008 (2007-2008-2) Foundations of phonology (Hangtani alapozó; BBN-ANG-141) course at ELTE BTK university.
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