I'm a BA student and want to submit my thesis title
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Author:  sattila [ Sat Oct 03, 2009 9:01 am ]
Post subject:  I'm a BA student and want to submit my thesis title

To submit your BA thesis title, first pick up a form from the Registrar (TO), then talk to your tutor (once accepted, they will sign your form), then go to the Head of the department (you need another signature there) and finally ask the Head to appoint a 'main topic' to you for the Final Exam, a topic closely associated to your choice of thesis subject (see http://seas3.elte.hu/seas/studies/gradu ... opics.html, as well as http://seas3.elte.hu/seas/studies/gradu ... ation.html). You will also have to choose a 'subsidiary topic' (to be announced to Csóti Veronika, Rm 357, in the semester in which you plan to submit your thesis and finish your BA studies).

Before submitting a BA thesis make sure you read the formal requirements of the Institute of English and American Studies (SEAS) at

http://seas3.elte.hu/seas/studies/gradu ... graduation
(bottom of page)

In 2009-2010-2 (2010Spr) the Faculty deadline is 12 March (Fri).

Note that there may also be DEPARTMENTAL DEADLINES for submitting your title. Check departmental notice boards for such restrictions.

Attila Starcevic

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