Qualitative Research (Qualitative Research) in spring 2015
Prescott, Frank, Thu 10:15–11:45, R422, host: DELP (R301)
2-credit , 30 h/term
description & set texts
This course is meant to give a brief general introduction to the philosophy and research approaches of the naturalistic paradigm. Through weekly readings students will explore and discuss basic concepts, research tools and techniques and a few examples of actual studies. There will also be an opportunity to do a small scale research study in order to become more familiar with qualitative approaches. Maykut and Morehouse's "Beginning Qualitative Research: A Philosophic and Practical Guide" (1994) will be a key reference text for the course. Because the course is intended to cater to studentsí interests and needs, there will be plenty of room for flexibility and negotiation in terms of the topics covered and the emphasis put on different aspects. A blend of theoretical and practical approaches to doing qualitative research will be the overall aim, but since it is not possible to cover everything in such a short course, it will be up to the studentsí themselves to decide which areas they would like to look at in more depth.
requirements & assessment
The main requirement will be to do the weekly readings and be ready to take a full and active part in classroom discussions. Students will be expected to take responsibility for conducting a large part of the classroom activities themselves on a rota basis. This will also involve giving mini-presentations. In addition students will have to produce a written paper reporting a small scale research study which they have worked on or a proposal for such a study. The final grade for the course will depend on both the written paper and the studentsí participation during in-class activities (including taking responsibility for preparing discussions of articles assigned for home readings). Punctuality and attendance will also have an influence.