Language Policies in Hungary: Past, Present Future (Language Policies in Hungary: Past, Present Future) in spring 2015
Íveges Enik§, Tue 10:15–11:45, R451, host: DELP (R301)
2-credit , 30 h/term
description & set texts

The course offers a comprehensive overview of the history of foreign language teaching in Hungary between the turn of the century and today. It aims to familiarize students with our language education context, gives insights into the major language policy decisions, presents the relevant regulations and measures; and explores the variety of language proficiency exams. Special focus is put on the different levels of language planning: the National Core Curriculum; the frame and the local curricula; and the various language syllabi. New initiatives such as the school education inspection or the revised matura will also be discussed. The course will focus on the public education sector; it will be built on relevant academic readings, legal documents and practical classroom tasks.

requirements & assessment

Prepare for and attend classes regularly; participate actively; complete all the assignments (home: a presentation and a term paper); keep deadlines.