Teaching Culture: A Song for England (A kultúra tanítás: dalok Angliáról) in spring 2015
Saltmarsh Philip, Sat 10:00–11:30, R411, host: DELP (R301)
2-credit seminar, 28 h/term
description & set texts
Teaching Culture: A Song for England This course will focus on how songs can be integrated into language development classes and provide the foundation for the teaching of culture. The specific area of interest will be England and participants will explore stereotypical images of the country and its culture, expanding their knowledge of geography and history, places and personalities, habits and attitudes, and icons that may be used to represent England and Englishness. From a musical perspective, some time will be devoted to the analysis of why some artists/songs may be considered particularly English. Participants will be asked to identify key texts in the form of popular songs that can provide the basis of two integrated skills lessons and to develop their ideas into detailed worksheets that demonstrate the use of supplementary materials to investigate a chosen aspect of English culture.
requirements & assessment
Assessment will be based on i) attendance ii) preparation for and participation in all class activities iii) language skills iv) assignments v) lesson plans and worksheets