Individual Differences in Language Learning (Egyéni különbségek a nyelvtanulásban) in spring 2015
Albert Ágnes, Thu 13:45–15:15, R 451, host: DEAL (R306)
2-credit lecture, 30 h/term; strong prereq: DEAL
description & set texts
This course will aim to look at individual variables from a language teacher’s perspective. We will particularly focus on language learner beliefs, learner autonomy, affective factors, special needs, and age. Course requirements will include week-to-week readings about the theoretical background of topics and about the research methodology of conducting case studies. Academic presentations of empirical research papers conducted within these areas will provide students with further insight into the nature of individual differences. Besides the presentations, students will be expected to conduct a case study of a language learner and present their findings to the group.
requirements & assessment
Assessment will be based on participation, presentations, and a test on readings.