Individual Differences in Language Learning (Egyéni különbségek a nyelvtanulásban) in spring 2015
Öveges Enikő, Tue 12:00–13:30, R 315/a, host: DEAL (R306)
2-credit lecture, 30 h/term; strong prereq: DEAL
description & set texts

The course will aim to introduce individual variables from a language teacher’s perspective. We will particularly focus on language learning goals, target and learning needs, motivation, language learning beliefs, foreign language anxiety, learning styles and strategies; self efficacy and self confidence. Apart from the theoretical introduction, we will experiment with practice tasks that may enhance student development in the issues discussed. Students will be expected to deliver academic presentations of empirical research conducted within these areas. Course requirements will also include week-to-week readings and a term paper.

requirements & assessment

Prepare for and attend classes regularly; participate actively; complete all home (a presentation and a term paper) and in-class assignments; keep deadlines.