English for Specific Purposes (Szaknyelvi ismeretek) in spring 2015
Németh Nóra, Tue 08:45–10:15, SzMK, host: DEAL (R306)
2-credit seminar, 30 h/term; weak prereq: (TANM-ANG-102)
description & set texts
This course will introduce you to the teaching of English for Specific Purpose (ESP) in order to provide you with the background knowledge, and skills and abilities necessary to successfully research, plan, deliver and evaluate your own ESP courses in a variety of teaching situations. To achieve this we shall examine the following: ESP: origins and history; the role and the function of Needs Analysis in ESP; the varieties of ESP; the language skills in ESP; methodology for ESP; approaches to ESP syllabus and course design; materials development and evaluation for ESP; teaching ESP: from beginner to advanced; motivation in ESP teaching; the roles of the ESP teacher; ESP assessment and testing; teacher development for ESP.
requirements & assessment
Regular attendance, ESP course portfolio, including a completed Needs analysis, course design, and sample materials. One in-class test.