Language Testing and Evaluation (A nyelvtudás mérése és értékelése) in spring 2015
Brózik-Piniel Katalin, Fri 09:00–10:00, R 030, host: DEAL (R306)
2-credit lecture, 15 h/term; strong prereq: (TANM-ANG-109); weak prereq: (TANM-ANG-109/109K)
description & set texts
The lecture series aims to provide an overview of a wide variety of issues related to language testing and assessment. Topics will include details of test development and design, issues of validity and reliability, and washback effects of tests. We will also focus on approaches to testing different language skills (speaking, reading, writing, and listening). Readings on theoretical issues of language testing will be complemented by discussions of practical questions relevant for language teachers and language testers today.
requirements & assessment
Course requirements: end-of-term written examination based on the lectures and set readings