ELT Methodology lecture (Szakmódszertan előadás) in spring 2015
Pohl, Uwe, host: DELP (R301)
2-credit lecture, 15 h/term; strong prereq: (TANM-ANG-109); weak prereq: (TANM-ANG-108/109/109K)
description & set texts
This series of lectures is to enable MA students to develop and expand their understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of current principles and practices of English language teaching, focusing particularly on theories of language learning and teaching, the English language as a system, and general pedagogy. Students will acquaint themselves with scholarly study that has relevance for language teachers, and increase their ability to interact effectively with a variety of professionals. It also intended to encourage trainees to adopt a reflective, principled approach to teaching.
requirements & assessment
The course grade will be awarded on the basis of a written exam. This will assess students' knowledge and understanding of some of the issues addressed by the lecture series and will take about 90'. Examinees will be asked to give a short explanation of key terms or issues gleaned from the lectures, lecture handouts and readings.