The methodology of teaching English as a foreign language 2 (Az angoltanítás módszertana 2.) in spring 2015
Lázár Ildikó, Tue 12:00–13:30, Thu 10:15–11:45, SZMK, SZMK, host: DELP (R301)
3-credit seminar, 60 h/term; weak prereq: TANM-ANG-107L
description & set texts
Aims: This two-term course is intended to enable trainees to achieve an understanding of the principles of language teaching and learning acquire practical teaching skills in a sheltered, supportive group environment relate classroom practice to learning/ teaching theories and principles develop knowledge and skills related to planning appropriate learning experiences for the students, at both the primary and secondary levels develop the communication skills specific to the role of language teacher, e.g. giving instructions, feedback and become reflective practitioners as a basis for on-going professional development Topics for 2nd term: Integrating the four basic skills, Teaching vocabulary, Teaching structures and functions, Error correction, feedback and assessment, Teaching young learners, Developing intercultural competence, Course planning and the Hungarian context. Materials: Most readings will be assigned from Harmer, J, 2007, The Practice of English Language Teaching.4th edition, UK: Pearson Longman
requirements & assessment
Assessment will be based on course participation and assignments. Details will be negotiated. Tasks & Assignments: 2 school visits (observation, reflection) Grammar presentation Peer-teaching (planning and implementation in pairs) Activity file (portfolio) 2 tests test based on readings