The methodology of teaching English as a foreign language 2 (Az angoltanítás módszertana 2.) in spring 2015
Szesztay Margit, host: DELP (R301)
3-credit seminar, 60 h/term; weak prereq: TANM-ANG-107L
description & set texts
The main focus of this course is the development of oral language competence. Students will take part in various small group tasks, as well as whole group discussions. Apart from skills development, the course also aims to raise awareness of the concept of communicative competence and the criteria for being an effective communicator in English. In addition, we will be doing a number of tasks in groups of threes, which will help students get used to the oral part of the TOLC exam

requirements & assessment
Regular attendance and active participation. In addition, giving a short presentation on the topic of your choice and keeping a development journal.

The course grade will be given based on class participation, and the quality of the presentation and the development journal.