American culture (Amerikai kultúra) in spring 2019
Cseh Dániel, Tue 10:30–12:00, R356, host: DAS (R306)
2-credit seminar, 30 h/term
description & set texts
The course will introduce the various themes that have shaped American culture and the national identity of the United States. During the course the students will learn about the ethnic and racial diversity of America, its government and political system, the American family, and how Americans spend their leisure time. By studying the values and beliefs of American society – its cultural, religious, and frontier heritage – we will better understand contemporary American culture and how Americans see the world. Required Reading: Datesman, Maryanne Kearny, Joann Crandall, and Edward N. Kearny (2014): American Ways: An Introduction To American Culture. 4th ed. Pearson.
requirements & assessment
Continuous assessment of your work throughout the semester. 1. End-term exam: 30 Points; the exam will assess the student’s knowledge of the course material and the recommended literature. 2. Educational Project and Presentation: 30 Points (15/15 Points); the student has to give a 10-15 minute long presentation with exercises on his or her elected topic on American culture, a handout should be prepared on the topic and it has to be handed in. Depending on the size of the class it can be a group project. 3. Quiz: 20 Points; pop-quizzes (4) throughout the semester on the required readings. 4. Classroom participation: 20 Points (10 Points, Attendance / 10 Points, Participation); regular attendance is mandatory (no more than 3 absences), preparedness for the class, completed reading assignments and class work, and contribution to the class discussion/debate.