Anglo-Irish Poetry after Yeats (from Kavanagh to McGuckian) (Anglo-ír költészet Yeats után Kavanagh-tól McGuckianig) in spring 2015
Ferencz Gyõzõ, Mon 14:00–15:30, Wed 10:00–11:30, R342, R342, host: DES (R338)
5-credit seminar, 60 h/term; strong prereq: BMA-ANGD-A1 A2 A3 A4
description & set texts

The course concerns Anglo-Irish poetry after W. B. Yeats. It will explore the achievements of the consecutive generations both from Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. The course will proceed by presentations to be followed by discussion.


Week 1. 9, 11 Feb—Orientation. Anglo-Irish Poetry after Yeats. Samuel Beckett (1906-1989): Whoroscope

Week 2. 16, 18 Feb—Clarke, Austin (1896-1974): Aisling; Martha Blake; Martha Blake at Fifty-One, Ancient Lights; Abbey Theatre Fire [Campbell 2000, 21-41; Donoghue 1986, 242-252; Farrell 2005; Gillis 2005, 77-95]

Week 3. 23, 25 Feb—Kavanagh, Patrick (1904-1967): The Great Hunger; Inniskeen Road: July Evening; On Raglan Road [Campbell 2000, 42-58; Gillis 2005, 62-77]

Week 4. 2, 4 March—Louis MacNeice (1907-1963): Snow; An Eclogue for Christmas; Carrickfergus; The Sunlight in the Garden; Bagpipe Music; Autumn Journal XV; Meeting-Point; Prayer Before Birth; Autobiography; Carrick Revisited [Campbell 2003, 59-75, Gillis 2005, 28-61]

Week 5. 9, 11 March—Hewitt, John (1907-1987): I Write for…; Once Alien Here; An Irishman Coventry; An Ulsterman; An Ulsterman in England Remembers; Conversations in Hungary, August 1969; Nineteen Sixteen, or the Terrible Beauty, To a Modern Irish Poet; Easter Tuesday [McDonald 1997, 20-40; Matthews 1997, 45-73]

Week 6. 16, 18 March—Kinsella, Thomas (1928): Downstream, In the Ringwood; Ballydavid Pier; Ancestor; The Route of the Táin [Fryatt 2006; Garratt 1986, 167-197]

Week 7. 23, 25 March—Montague, John (1929): Old Mythologies; Like Dolmens Round My Childhood, the Old People; A Lost Tradition; The Same Fault; The Cage; A Drink of Milk; The Water Carrier; The Trout; All Legendary Obstacles; The Silver Flask [Garratt 1986, 198-229]

Week 8, 30 March—Kennelly, Brendan (1936): The Book of Judas


Week 9. 8 Apr-Seamus Heaney (1939): Station Island [Campbell 2000, 113-132; Corcoran 1997; Longley 1986 140-169]

Week 10. 13, 15 Apr—Longley, Michael (1939): Wounds; The Linen Industry; Letters [To Three Irish Poets; To James Simmons; Letter to Derek Mahon; Letter to Seamus Heaney]; Swans Mating; Peace; The Butchers; Ceasefire [Campbell 2000, 133-148; McDonald 1997, 110-144]

Week 11. 2`, 22 Apr—Mahon, Derek (1941): In Carrowdore Churchyard; An Unborn Child; Ecclesiastes; Rage for Order; A Refusal to Mourn; A Disused Shed in Co. Wexford; Lapis Lazuli; Human Wishes

[Campbell 2000, 133-148; Longley 1986, 170-184; McDonald 1997, 81-109]

Week 12. 27, 29 Apr—Ní Chuilleanáin, Eiléan (1942): The Second Voyage; Studying the Language [Campbell 2000, 169-188] Maxton, Hugh (1947): At the Protestant Museum; Yeats at Glendalough; Vision of Blood Kindred

Week 13. 5, 7 May—Carson, Ciaran (1948): Belfast Confetti; Campaign; The Irish for No; The Mouth; The Knee; Punctuation; Second Language [McDonald 1997, 41-80] McGuckian, Medbh (1950): Tulips; The Sofa; Mr McGregor’s Garden; The Seed-Picture; The Flower-Master, The Flitting, On Not Being Your Lover; Little House, Big House; The Presence [Campbell 2000, 169-188; Wills 1993, 158-193]

Week 14. 11, 13 May—Recapitulation, grading.



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requirements & assessment

Assignments: (1) Every Monday students should submit a response journal reflecting on the poems of the coming week. (2) Students will be assigned several minor oral presentations during the course, plus (3) a research paper (15.000 n) has to be submitted. Topics will be negotiated individually. Grading will be based on performance in class and on the written work.