Lexicology (Lexikológia) in spring 2015
Lázár A. Péter, Fri 12:00–13:30, Fri 13:30–15:00, R326, R326, host: DELG (R301)
5-credit seminar, 60 h/term; strong prereq: BMA-ANGD-A1 A2 A3 A4
description & set texts

You've looked at sentences, you've looked at sounds. But surely there are things of interest in between: words. Of two kinds, that is: potential words, which many people say are the domain of morphology, and existing words, which are supposed to be the happy hunting ground of lexicology. Which of the two covers a game of Scrabble? If you think this question makes sense, you might as well join.

The course introduces the tools and mechanisms of (mainly English) lexical analysis. Lexicology and its interfaces with morphology, semantics, and syntax will be examined.

The basic text, a new ELTE SEAS handout, will be sent to you in pdf form.

requirements & assessment
(Two) short quizzes as we go, one major written endterm test.