Pragmatics (Pragmatika) in spring 2015
Illés Éva, Tue 16:15–17:45, Wed 15:30–17:00, R 438, R 422, host: DEAL (R306)
5-credit seminar, 60 h/term; strong prereq: BMA-ANGD-CAn5
description & set texts
The course aims to provide an overview of this fast developing field of applied linguistics. The scope of semantics and pragmatics will be investigated and various terms and key concepts (e.g. deixis, cohesion/coherence, etc.) will be clarified and examined. Participants will explore the relationship between language and context, and familiarise themselves with the most influential pragmatic theories. Theoretical study will be combined with practical application and students will explore the implementation of pragmatic analysis in various fields, such as language education, business communication, academic discourse, translation, etc. The implications for English as a lingua franca will also be investigated. Participants will also take part in data collection and the analysis of a wide range of texts.
requirements & assessment
Requirements: regular attendance; participation in class discussions; data collection and analysis; presentations