Linguistic Theory (Nyelvelmélet) in autumn 2017
den Dikken, Marcel/Kiss Zoltán/Hordós Marianna/Lázár A. Péter/Marosán Lajos/Newson, Mark/Starcevic Attila/Szigetvári Péter/Törkenczy Miklós, Mon 14:00–15:30, R414, host: DELG (R301)
5-credit lecture, 60 h/term
description & set texts
This course consists of ten sets of lectures of one or two sessions each. These lectures will be given by different members of the department and are based on the areas of their expertise and hence the course provides a wide range of both core and peripheral material within the field of Linguistics. The lectures strive to introduce and provide a detailed coverage of more specific topics than students of BA courses have so far been exposed to. This year the topics will be: Kiss Zoltán— Experiment-based research methods in linguistics; Szigetvári Péter— Distributions, derivations, representations in phonology; Törkenczy Miklós— Morphology and morphophonology – (phonological) relations betweeen word forms; Hordós Marianna— Nominal Constructions: Approaches and Analyses; Newson, Mark— The history of phrase structure as a linguistic notion; Szécsényi Krisztina—Principles and Parameters in language acquisition and language change; Lázár A. Péter— Morphology: an overview of compounds; Starcevic Attila— Data and historical linguistics; Marosán Lajos— Methodology or philosophy of linguistics.

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requirements & assessment
The course will be assessed by end of term exam.