The Political System of the U.S (Az Egyesült Államok politikai rendszere) in spring 2019
Magyarics Tamás, Thu 08:30–10:00, R432, host: DAS (R306)
3-credit lecture, 28 h/term; strong prereq: BMA-AMED17-110, AMED17-141
description & set texts

The course is intended to provide an analysis and insight into the operation of the American political system. It'll discusses the three branches of the government in detail, as well as the extraconstitutional actors and players in the political process such the media and the interest gropus. Readings: Janda, Kenneth- Berry, Jeffrey M.—Goldman, Jerry (2012): The Challenge of Democracy (or later editions).In Hungarian: Az amerikai demokrácia. (1996).

requirements & assessment

Regular attendance. A written exam at the end of the semester composed of 10 ID questions and an essay question; 60 percent required for a pass grade.