Introduction to Literature (Az irodalomtudomány alapjai) in spring 2015
Ferencz Győző/Friedrich Judit, host: DES (R338)
3-credit lecture, 30 h/term
description & set texts


List of Lecture Topics

1 (Sept 10) Literary Research. Tools of the Trade. Manuscripts, Texts, Editions, Sources, Resources

2 (Sept 17) Literature and Literary Studies as a Discipline

3 (Sept 24) The Language of Literature. Figures of Speech

4 (Oct 1) Poetry. Poetry and Prose. Sound Patterning. Prosody. Rhymes. Stanza Forms

5 (Oct 8) Poetry. Genres. Epic, Dramatic and Lyric Poetry. Songs, Ballads, Odes, Elegies, etc.

6 (Oct 15) Special Event: Tibor Fischer in class and launch of "Good to Be 56", a volume of student essays on his work (Original topic for lecture: Writing about Literature. From Informal to Professional. Personal Essay and Research Paper)

7 (Oct 22) Drama as a Multimedia Form of Art. Routine, Conflict, Status Games

[(Oct 29) Autumn Break]

8 (Nov 5) Drama. The Changing Historical Context of Theatre

9 (Nov 12) Period Study. Literary History. Cultural Memory.

10 (Nov 19) Fiction. Story, Plot, Narrative Voice

11 (Nov 26) Fiction. Genres of Narrative Fiction. History of the Form

12 (Dec 3) Literary Theory. Gender, Culture and Adaptation Studies

13 (Dec 10) Literatures in English. Postcolonial Studies. Literary Translation


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requirements & assessment
The course will be followed by a written exam based on the lectures. Please consult the list of terms under Course Material.