The Construction of Eastern Europeanness by the Media (A kelet-európaiság a médiában) in spring 2015
Prescott, Frank, Mon 15:45–17:15, R 315/a, host: DEAL (R306)
3-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: ANG-001
description & set texts
This course critically examines the way goups and identities are represented in the media using the topic of how Eastern Europe is depicted in the British media. We will begin by considering the connotations of the phrase ‘Eastern Europe’ and how it has been constructed. We will also look at alternative terms such as Central Europe and consider wider notions of European identity. The course will also examine how the media at home, namely in Hungary, represent issues of national identity in regards to certain key events. An overall aim of the course is to encourage a critical distancing which will enable students to look at issues of identity, culture and nationality with fresh eyes, not just at home but abroad as well. Students will also be asked to reflect on their own experience of being ‘Eastern European’. During the course we will draw on a range of texts, mostly in English, from the past and present.
requirements & assessment
Assessment will be based on written assignments on the topics covered in the course and regular participation in the class discussions. The major assignment will be to create a media text (poster, podcast, video) which presents some of the key issues of the course.