English in the Arts (Angol a mûvészetekben) in spring 2015
Ryan, Christopher, Mon 14:00–15:30, SZMK 1, host: DELP (R301)
4-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: ANG-001
description & set texts
The basic aim of this course is to help you to develop your ability to describe, respond to and discuss (mainly visual) art in English, by choosing specific works, presenting them to the rest of the group and collaborating in the creation of a virtual (online) art gallery. This should enhance both your public presentation and your formal writing skills. You do not need to be an “art expert”—I assume that any member of this faculty is prepared to take an intelligent, critical interest in art, and that is sufficient to participate in the course.

I envisage at least two groups of works of art (or “rooms in the gallery”): two-dimensional and three-dimensional, and possibly a third: multimedia (see for earlier galleries). At the start of the course we will work out a timetable for the first “room”, on the basis of which each participant will…

• … choose a work of art, and send me a .jpg image of it (or a link to such an image) at by the Friday evening before their presentation, at the latest,

• prepare and deliver a short (10-15-minute) oral presentation about this work, which will be followed by discussion and feedback from the rest of the group using the INTEGRITAS – CONSONANTIA – CLARITAS model.

• write up the presentation in the form of a label and a “catalogue entry” for the virtual gallery. These labels and catalogue entries will constitute the in-course written assignments; they must be sent to me by e-mail within two weeks of the presentation to which they refer.

When the first room is full (i.e., when each participant has contributed one work) we will start on the 3D room in the same way.

My role will be to provide a certain amount of input and feedback on participants’ presentations and written products, to chair discussion of the works of art during seminars, to coordinate the creation of the gallery, and to manage the technical side of the whole operation.
requirements & assessment
Satsifactory completion of assignments, participation in class activities