Communicating Across Cultures (Kultúrák közti kommunikáció) in spring 2015
Pohl, Uwe, Thu 10:15–11:45, R142, host: DELP (R301)
4-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: AME-121
description & set texts
This course will explore, in theory and practice, the nature of cross-cultural communication. It is meant to develop a better understanding of the factors that influence our ability to communicate effectively across cultures, with special emphasis on the cultures of Anglo-Saxon countries.
requirements & assessment
Students are expected to attend/prepare for classes, keep an accessible record of all learning activities and complete out-of-class assignments. The course grade will be awarded on the basis of the completion of these assignments as well as two short (2/3 page) essay-type position papers (content and submission dates to be specified).