British Society in Contemporary Films I (A brit társadalom kortárs flmekben I.) in spring 2015
Velich Andrea, Mon 15:00–18:00, R423/a every second week: 9 Feb, host: DES (R338)
4-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: AME-121
description & set texts
Every Second Week beginning on week 1 for 2x 90 minutes including a film from BAFTA-winning directors like Mike Leigh, Ken Loach, Stephen Frears, David McKenzie, Andrea Arnolds, Danny Boyle etc to be selected by the group on the first occasion and a successive discussion with a short break! 6 "double classes".:) The goal of this course on British Society in Contemporary Films is to provide essential background information concerning the economic, social and cultural life of Britain and to broaden our perspective in understanding past and recent social issues and changes including the class system, social mobility, hierarchy, poverty, race, gender, multiculturalism etc. and in fighting prejudice.
requirements & assessment
Participation: You are expected to attend class meetings and hand in a short seminar paper (5-6 pages) on one of the discussed social issues in one of the discussed 6 films. You are also kindly expected to join the discussion....:)Deadline for seminar papers: 1 May, 2015. Please print your paper out and leave it in my mailbox in room 338, or outside in the brown department box with my name on top or in the envelope on my door 344. Each student's performance will be evaluated by a grade (gyakjegy) based on class work and a seminar paper/film review of 5-6 typed pages.