Introduction to Linguistics (Bevezetés a nyelvtudományba) in autumn 2017
Nádasdy Ádám, Thu 10:00–11:30, R442, host: DELG (R301)
3-credit seminar, 30 h/term
description & set texts
This seminar is given in English, aiming to teach the basic terminology, methods and notions of English linguistics. Many students also attend one of the Introductory Linguistics (BBN-FLN-101) lecture courses (given in Hungarian, English, or German, at your choice), but our seminar will not follow those lectures. Each week we shall discuss some aspect of language and linguistics, and solve some problem in class together in order to illustrate how linguists analyse the English language. Note that this is not a course of English, but rather about English: our aim here is not to improve your proficiency but to increase your awareness of what language is (and what it is not!).

There are 2 short readings set for this seminar, which students must read and understand at home.

requirements & assessment
Written work: (1) regular small homework; (2) three in-class tests (quiz type). There is no Home Paper.

Assessment: the endterm mark is the mean of the three tests, possibly corrected by quality and regularity of homework and activity during class.

Absence policy: 3 absences will be tolerated; 4 absences will NOT be tolerated (i. e. the student will be deleted from the group at the 4th absence). We do not check why students are absent, nor do we accept apologies. – Test absence policy: An unwritten test counts as 0. (E.g. two tests with marks 3 and 4, give the endterm mark 2, because 3+4+0 = 7, and 7:3 = 2,33).