Academic Skills 2 (Tudományos íráskészség 2) in spring 2015
Prescott, Frank, Mon 12:00–13:30, R438, host: DEAL (R306)
3-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: ANG11-104E
description & set texts
This course continues to develop students’ academic skills, such as the ability to unpack academic texts, effective note taking, outlining and essay writing, accurate punctuation, effective proofreading skills, and referencing. As part of the course work, students will read and summarise academic texts, write a short academic paper using sources, and complete various smaller tasks. They will also give a short formal presentation on a piece of empirical academic research. The course is intended to revisit and build upon the work done in the first semester. The overall aim is to provide students with the skills they will need for their future studies at the university, as well as some core skills that they can use in their future careers.
requirements & assessment
. be punctual . prepare for every class . keep to deadlines . take an active part in classroom activities . give meaningful feedback on other students' work . develop an ability to reflect on your own progress . demonstrate a mature and professional approach to your studies Your final grade will be calculated on the average of your marks for the compulsory tasks as well as your overall effort (i.e., contributions to classroom discussions and group work, completion of homework, punctuality, attendance, and keeping of deadlines).