Introduction to Applied Linguistics (Bevezetés az alkalmazott nyelvészetbe) in spring 2015
Prescott, Frank, Wed 15:30–17:00, R 315/a, host: DEAL (R306)
3-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: BBN-ANG-241
description & set texts
PREREQUISITES: BBN-ANG 241. DESCRIPTION: This applied linguistics seminar accompanies the BBN-ANG 261 lecture course. Its purpose is to give an in-depth treatment to each lecture topic, which will be achieved by students reading either a related chapter or a research article and discussing them in class. There will also be a variety of tasks and activities and plenty of opportunity to ask questions. The course also serves as a basis for further specialization and research in applied linguistics either at BA or MA level.
requirements & assessment
Requirements: attendance, writing short summaries of the set readings, contribution to discussions, preparation of short tasks for each class, and a term paper.