Syntax (Mondattan) in autumn 2017
Lázár A. Péter, Mon 09:00–10:30, R327, host: DELG (R301)
3-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: BBN-ANG-132
description & set texts

The seminars are based on the first four chapters of BESE. The topics areas follows: word categories, diagnostics for structure, grammatical functions; X-bar theory; basic notions of movement; the DP.

Set text: BESE, ie Mark Newson et al Basic English Syntax with Exercises 2006, chapters 1–4

available at:


Print these chapters out and bring them to the seminars at all times. Do not use an on-screen version (laptops, tablets, phones) in class: there's no way you can move back and forth fast enough between the body text and the Suggested Answers, for instance, and that's what we will often be doing.

requirements & assessment

There is written homework and three in-class tests, dates of tests announced well in advance.

Endterm grade: average of tests. Test 1 counts as 200, Test 2 100, Test 3 as 300 per cent.

No-show counts as 0. Marks will be rounded up from x.5