Advanced Phonology (Haladó hangtan) in spring 2015
Kiss Zoltán/Nádasdy Ádám/Starcevic Attila/Szigetvári Péter/Törkenczy Miklós, Wed 12:00–13:30, Gólyavár B, host: DELG (R301)
3-credit lecture, 30 h/term; weak prereq: BBN-ANG-241
description & set texts
This lecture course closes the series of three lecture courses in phonology at the BA level. Its aim is to demonstrate that phonological phenomena can be analysed in several different ways, there usually is no single best analysis.

The topics to be discussed include the problem of abstractness in phonology, the difficulties of establishing phoneme inventories, the advantages and disadvantages of positing syllable structure to phonological strings, the different approaches to rules involving /r/, as well as word and phrase stress, intonation, and the phonology-morphology interface.

The course's web page is

This course is offered every term.

requirements & assessment
Attendance is obligatory (and, we believe, advantageous), but not checked.

Assessment is in the form of a written examination at the end of term. You must obtain more than 50 % in order to pass.

The material prescribed for the exam is the “Coursebook”, downloadable from the above website. We also recommend reading (or re-reading) Adam Nádasdy's Backrgound to English Pronunciation (Tankönyvkiadó, 2006).

There will be a non-obligatory in-class preliminary test during the term. The points earned there will add to your points at the examination.