Phonology (Hangtan) in spring 2015
Kiss Zoltán, Mon 14:00–15:30, R442, host: DELG (R301)
3-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: BBN-ANG-132
description & set texts
In this course, we will study some of the basic phonological rules of English (mostly those of Standard Southern British English “RP”), and we will also be practicing the phonemic (“broad”) transcription of SSBE, using the transcription system devised by A. C. Gimson, and John C. Wells (Longman Pronunciation Dictionary). This is a seminar course, so it is fundamentally practice/excercise-oriented. The course material consists of Course homepage:
requirements & assessment
The final mark will be based on 3 short tests and the quantity of homework.