Phonology (Hangtan) in spring 2015
Törkenczy Miklós, Mon 12:00–13:30, Gólyavár B, host: DELG (R301)
2-credit lecture, 15 h/term; weak prereq: BBN-ANG-141
description & set texts

BBN-ANG-241 Phonology: The Rules of English Phonology

This is an introductory/intermediate course in English phonology that builds on the material students have studied in BBN-ANG-141 (Foundations of phonology). The course is descriptively rather than theoretically oriented and concentrates on phonology rather than phonetics. The focus of the course is a detailed discussion of the principal segmental and suprasegmental properties (word stress) of the sound pattern of English and the phonological rules that are required to handle them. The course also serves as an introduction to rule-based (generative/derivational) phonological analysis.

set texts: select chapters from

requirements & assessment
written end-term exam qualifying section + (transcription + fill-in + multiple choice test): 60 points = 100% marks & scores

five = 80.01–100.00%

four = 70.01–80.00%

three = 60.01–70.00%

two = 50.01–60.00%

fail = 0–50.00%