English Literature from the Restoration until 1890 (Az angol irodalom a restaurációtól 1890-ig) in spring 2015
Csikós Dóra/Gárdos Bálint/Péteri Éva/Ruttkay Veronika, Wed 09:00–10:00, Gólyavár A, host: DES (R338)
2-credit lecture, 15 h/term; weak prereq: BBN-FLI-101
description & set texts
one novel from each line: two dramas: I. Restoration (3 of the following). II. 1st half of the 18th century(5 poems, by min. 3 authors)). III. 2nd half of the 18th century (4 poems, by min. 3 authors) IV. Romanticism (8 poems, by min. 4 authors)). V. Victorian Age (5 poems, by min. 3 authors)
requirements & assessment
oral examination N.B. You cannot pass this exam without having read set texts!