Medieval and Renaissance English Literature (A középkor és a reneszánsz angol irodalma) in spring 2015
Szalay Krisztina, Fri 10:00–11:30, R423/a, host: DES (R338)
3-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: BBN-ANG-112
description & set texts
The aim of this seminar is to familiarise students with representative texts (mainly) of the English Renaissance, thereby showing the timelessly human in us. Seminar 1: Introduction; 2: The Old English worldview as reflected in Beowulf; 3: Medieval antecedents: Chaucer 4: The cultural and social context of Tudor literature: Wyatt and Surrey; 5: Sidney and Spenser; 6: Shakespeare's sonnets; 7: A Midsummer Night's Dream; 8: Marlowe: Doctor Faustus; 9: The Tempest; 10: Metaphysical poetry; 11: Milton; 12: In-class test; 13: Farewell seminar. Set texts will be selected from the list of Required Reading accompanying the lecture.
requirements & assessment
Come regularly, read the set texts attentively in advance, learn assigned background material, participate in class. Please do not come if you are not prepared to meet these requirements.Marking will be based on seminar activity and the result of two in-class tests. These will have a part on factography, i.e. names, titles, essential publication data and technical terms, plus the analysis of a poem, or part of a drama.