Pop Culture of the 1960's (Popkultúra a 60-as években) in spring 2015
Asbóth László, Mon 10:15–11:45, R411, host: DELP (R301)
description & set texts
Description: The course will focus on the outstanding works and personalities of the 60’s culture “on both sides of the Atlantic”. The basis is always the music or the film; the background will be illustrated from a large number of different sources.

Student participation is vital: there will be weekly short student presentations to supplement the materials presented. (Strong pre-requisite of course-mark.)

The language input is given special emphasis through the materials presented as well as the extensive discussions of the topics.

Students are requested to fulfil an individual (400) vocabulary building task as home assignment and take the related oral vocabulary test at the end of the term. (Strong pre-requisite of course-mark.)

Two in-class progress tests are administered. The tasks include recalling and using words, phrases, idioms, etc. as well as writing a few paragraphs on a topic related to the material covered earlier. (Strong pre-requisites of course-mark.)

requirements & assessment

Written homework: is assigned on a weekly basis (prompted by the topic that has been dealt with in class.) All such homework to be handed in must be in a printed form.

Further requirements: Student presentations. Regular, short, topic-related tasks to be turned in online.

Assessment: Based on tests, home assignments, online tasks, regular attendance and active participation.