Speaking Your Mind (Szókimondó) in spring 2015
Saltmarsh Philip, Thu 13:45–15:15, R030/A, host: DELP (R301)
3-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: ANG11-001
description & set texts
Speaking Your Mind. The primary aim of this course is to develop oral language skills and to enhance communication with the creative and flexible use of language. There are no set texts but participants will be expected to research, prepare and present topics on contentious contemporary issues of their own choice that lead to group discussion and debate. All members of the group will be encouraged to participate fully and play an active role in all classes. Vocabulary development will provide a key element together with extensive use of speech functions such as expressing attitudes and opinions, speculating, hypothesising, negotiating and decision making.
requirements & assessment
Evaluation and final grades will be based on 1) attendance 2) preparation for and participation in all class activities 3) language skills 4) presentations and handouts 5) written feedback.