Foundations of Phonology (Hangtani alapozó) in spring 2015
Szigetvári Péter, Tue 11:00–11:45, D ép nagyelőadó, host: DELG (R301)
2-credit lecture, 15 h/term; weak prereq: BBN-FLN-101
description & set texts

This course aims at getting students ready to appreciate the core phonology course (BBN-ANG-241/242), by introducing the basic ingredients of phonetics, phonology, English orthography, and English accents.

Warning: the course is changed at several points from what it looked like in previous terms!

requirements & assessment

The only requirement is taking the examination. Past experience has shown that taking the examination is a lot more easier for those who attend the lectures. It may prove useful to check the course's web site for details:

Assessment is based on the results of a written examination in Dec/Jan.