Cross-cultural communication in the EU (Kultúraközi kommunikáció az EU-ban) in spring 2015
Lázár Ildikó, Thu 12:00–13:30, R423, host: DELP (R301)
4-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: ANG-001
description & set texts
Intercultural Communication in the European Union The main aims of this course are to raise students’ cultural awareness, to develop their understanding of the most important ingredients of successful intercultural communication in general, and to develop the relevant knowledge and skills with the help of readings and videos dealing with current European cultural and social issues. The course will also provide opportunities for lots of speaking, listening and writing skills practice as well as vocabulary development through activities, discussions, readings and written assignments. Most of the readings will be assigned from Huber-Kriegler, M. Lázár, I. & Strange, J. (2003). Mirrors and Windows – an intercultural communication textbook. Strasbourg: Council of Europe.
requirements & assessment
Regular attendance, active participation in the activities and discussions, completion of all the assignments (readings, a vocabulary test, an essay and a presentation).