Reading Beckett Line by Line (Drámaelemzés sorról-sorra: Beckett) in spring 2015
Sánta Balázs, Tue 08:30–10:00, R315, host: DES (R338)
3-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: AND-201, 221
description & set texts

“Beckett’s masterpiece,” Waiting for Godot, has long been a canonical play in literary studies in English. Moreover, it is among those works of 20th century “highbrow” literature that are still read by a relatively wide public also outside highbrow audiences. The aim of the course is to bring the text of one of the author’s major dramatic pieces as close to the participants as possible during a single university term. After an orientating introduction, the bulk of the seminar will be taken up by discussing the play-text “line by line,” which here practically means reading and responding to approximately one-sixth of it at a time, dividing each of the play’s two acts into three dramaturgically identifiable parts. Two classes are planned to accommodate overall discussions of the play from specific aspects to which it will be the students’ responsibility to provide introductions in the form of academic presentations based on individual research. A labor-intensive course in its intentions, the seminar offers opportunity for students to take an active part in making sense(s) of the play through phenomenological reflection, discussion with peers, and individual research.

Please find the intended schedule in the Syllabus for the course under the instructor’s name in Course material.

requirements & assessment

The requirements for the successful completion of the course are the following: