The Dramatic Text and the Stage II (Drámaszöveg és színpad II) in spring 2015
Szigeti Balázs, Thu 08:15–09:45, R423/a, host: DES (R338)
4-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: AND-201, 221, 211
description & set texts
Directing theatre II – a workshop

The aim of the course is to provide a practical approach to the genre of drama, i.e. to observe the texts of plays as rough material for theatrical productions. During the semester, we will be concentrating on plays from various periods of the theatre, first analyzing them from a theoretical point of view and then accounting for potential stage realizations. Students are expected to prepare with an approximately 20-30-minute-long presentation from the assigned play, where they first present their views, and then elaborate on how they would convey this interpretation through the stage to the audience.

The presentations should not aim at providing an overall concept for staging the play in question. Rather, students are expected to focus on one specific matter, e.g. a motif, the development of a character, a specific scene, etc. and give a comprehensive, detailed, theatre-conscious elaboration of that aspect. Each presentation is to be followed by in-class discussion.

The plays we will cover include:

Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice

Gombrowicz: Ivona, Princess of Burgundia

Dürrenmatt: The Visit

Pinter: The Birthday Party

Bond: Saved

requirements & assessment
Students are required to give the above mentioned presentation fully prepared and preferably even illustrated with figures, pictures, perhaps even videos. Projecting facilities will be provided. Moreover, students are seriously expected to read all the plays in discussion and take part in the ongoing discussions, commenting on each other’s presentations.

The final grade is evaluated on the basis of the following percentages:


40%—in-class participation